The purpose of the Power Plus Upgrade operation is, in short, to optimise wind turbines. How? By whom? What are the results? H2air GT answers your questions.

How to optimise wind turbines?

When we talk about optimising wind turbines, some people think of how wind farms are organised. Whether it is more efficient to install wind turbines in line or offset from each other. Others imagine new types of wind turbines with new shapes,

And for those who are just wondering how a wind turbine works, here is an article that may help you: Wind energy operating principle. Feel free to come back and read more about the optimisation of our wind turbines!!

As far as we ourselves are concerned, we have opted for the Upgrade Power Plus operation. A method that can be applied directly to a wind turbine. There is therefore no need to reorganise an entire wind farm or resort to insane measures.

All you have to do is call in qualified operating managers! This works out well. H2air GT trains its employees through continuing professional development, in order to maintain consistent safety and efficiency, especially in the event of danger.

Upgrade Power Plus?

Indeed, at the suggestion of H2air GT, who have been responsible for park operations since its commissioning, this includes installing components on the blades using a suspended platform.

Today, the park consists of 16 2MW Vestas V90 wind turbines installed in 2012.

The Upgrade Power Plus operation improves the aerodynamics of the blades and optimises the software, thus increasing the efficiency of each wind turbine by around 2%.

This percentage should be multiplied by the total number of wind turbines. In this way we improve the overall performance of the park.