First of all, before talking about continuous training in “working at heights – evacuation”, let us ask ourselves the question: what is continuous training, also called continuing vocational training? Here is an article that will explain everything you need to know about this subject: What is continuing professional development?

H2air GT is committed to training its teams!

Having highly qualified employees is beneficial from both a business and human point of view. This benefits:

  • The company, who can offer quality services while ensuring employee safety
  • The employees, who improve their qualifications and thus broaden their career development prospects.

This is why H2air GT attaches great importance to training its teams.

Why continuous training in “Working at heights – evacuation”?

Our team undergoes training in “working at height- evacuation on the wind turbine with rescue system“.

Indeed, it is essential that our team are continuously trained such that they can safely perform the biannual machine inspections.

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Thus, our operations managers control evacuation in the event of fire or imminent problems with the machinery.

They can also carry out rescue operations safely, by evacuating and rescuing a person who has been injured on the turbine ladder from the nacelle.

This training in working at heights and evacuation takes place every year.