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Through our cooperation H2air GT and windpunx benefit from each other with regard to the experiences of operating wind farms in Europe. We are pleased to share our technical expertise with each other and glad for never stop learning. We are convinced to improve the quality and the scope of our common services in the future. We are looking forward to strengthen our collaboration with H2air GT and wish all the best from now on.

Sebastian Brosch, Windpunx

Almost 10 years of collaboration since the commissioning of the first wind farm operated by H2air and maintained by Vestas. What’s my take on this? As well as the professionalism and transparency of my H2air contacts, I especially appreciated the spirit of partnership and trust. Looking forward to another decade and new parks.

Sébastien Lemaire, Vestas

We experience H2Air as a competent and reliable partner. We greatly appreciate the daily cooperation and look forward to optimize and enhance the performance of our portfolio together.


H2Air is like a bouquet, full of colours, virtues and inexhaustible vivacity like the flowers that their projects are named after. Our partnership began with the Coquelicot wind farm. The project took place in several stages, and we could see the teams growing and becoming increasingly professional. We have very fond memories of work meetings, site meetings, information meetings and launches. H2Air has the courage to bring together local residents, politicians and professionals to create moments of exchange that are so essential to the success of a project. Keep up the enthusiasm and conviction and make projects sustainable. ENERCON teams and wind turbines will always be at your side. Thanks to Roy and his team for their trust.

Heike Voss, ENERCON GmbH France Northern Sales Manager

Due to the wealth of our interaction with H2air GT, particularly concerning applications relating to energy indexes, we consider this organisation as a client as well as a partner. It is worth noting that this ongoing search for new solutions to monitor the activity of its farms has meant that H2air GT is considered to be a dynamic player on the French wind farm operations market.

Habib LESENEY, CEO Eoltech 

The “Coquelicot 2” wind farm has been in operation since 2016. The birth of this project more or less coincided with that of H2air. Over ten years of frank, constructive cooperation. Our relationship has always been sincere. After 8 years of lengthy, interminable negotiations, understanding one another's interests has finally made it possible to see the blades of the eight clean-energy wind turbines turning. Our community can now benefit from this initiative by investing in infrastructure that benefits the population, such as a healthcare facility. The two additional wind turbines have given us a little more flexibility to finance other investments, such as building a local grocery store. The community, the municipal council and I will always be grateful for your social commitment and the consideration you have shown. Thank you to Mr Roy Mahfouz and his team.

René Delattre, Mayor of Miraumont (Somme)


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