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H2air GT technical team organized today a refresher training for working at heights and rescue in a wind turbine environment, on the wind farm Coquelicot 2.

A tailor-made training program based on GWO standard has been supervised by Pierre Launay, wind energy expert within the training organization IFOPSE. The Wind Farm Managers were trained to handle various emergency situations and get familiar with different evacuation equipment.

Where regulations expect a retraining every 2 years, H2air GT goes beyond with an annual exercise as part of its training program and skills development.

Today, the implementation of Vestas’ PowerPlusTM program has been finalized on Seine Rive Sud wind turbines. H2air GT suggested this optimization to his client EKZ to improve the performance of the site.

The wind farm consists of 16 wind turbines, Vestas V90, set up at the end of 2012. Developed and built by H2air, it is operated by H2air GT since the beginning.

PowerPlusTM program consists of physical aerodynamic add-ons on the blades (Gurney Flaps and Vortex Generators) as well as software upgrades. After a test period in 2018 on some of the wind turbines, which demonstrated a power output increase of 1 to 2%, it has been decided to implement the upgrades on the remaining turbines this summer.

Bruno Lafont, Operations Director at H2air GT, is proud of this successful cooperation with the client’s asset manager and the wind turbine manufacturer: « Performance improvement and production optimization is a daily priority for our Wind Farm Managers».

H2air GT together with his partner Heliopales is carrying rope access blade inspections during this summer.

Summer time is always the occasion to organize different types of inspections and maintenances. The good weather conditions, more comfortable for the teams, is also necessary for some works on the blades for example.

An important part of the portfolio under management at H2air GT will then be inspected during this summer. The blade inspections are performed at regular intervals to ensure the good condition of the blades and to check the lightning protection system. When defects are found all necessary repairs are then performed.